We will be aerating the greens on Monday October 18th and Tuesday October 19th. The front 9 will be closed on Monday and the back 9 will be closed on Tuesday.


The clubhouse will close at 3:30 on Monday the 18th and at 2 on Tuesday the 19th.  It will also close at 4:30 on Thursday the 21st.

The clubhouse will be closed Tuesday October 5th from 3 PM to 5 PM. Sorry for any inconvience.

Due to the rising temps, we will be watering off and on during the day for the next couple of weeks.

There have been several changes to our tournament schedule. Please take a look at the new calendar or call the clubhouse @ 308-697-4768 to check on the new schedule. Sorry this was not updated sooner. You can find the new schedule on our Facebook page also.